Improve your health and achieve a general wellness with osteopathy.


Estructural, visceral and sacrocraneal structures are applied, which will be able to find the origin of the pain, and thus, treat it for getting an holistic balance of the body, permitting being in a permanent state of wellness.

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Osteopathy is indicated in cases of:

Musculoskeletal disorders

Muscular pain, low back, dorsal, cervical, tendons, contractures, ligaments, articulations, etc.

Cardiorespiratory disorders

Cough, flu, colds, sinusitis, bronquitis, etc.

Digestive disorders

Hernia hiatus, constipation, gas, burning, irritable bowel, etc.

Genitourinary disorders

Menstrual pain, incontinence, etc.

Pediatric disorders

Colic, insomnia, hyperactivity, etc.

Psychological disorders

Stress, anxiety, tension migraines, tension pains, dizziness, etc.